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Vuga e.V.

Vuga is a non-profit organization that is committed to a cross-cultural exchange between Uganda and Germany. In order to realize this vision, we place great emphasis on joint work and mutual respect.

Vuga means “drive” in Luganda, the primary language of central Uganda. It stands for the motivation and enthusiasm with which we were received in Uganda and it is with this attitude that we endeavor to carry on our work. Together with our Ugandan friends and driven by them.

One part of Vuga consists of former volunteers, who gained valuable life experience in Uganda and continue to work towards more succesful working partnerships with their friends and colleagues in Uganda. We, as members of Vuga, are united by the desire for a mutual exchange. With our experiences and our attitudes we strive to build bridges between Germany and Uganda, organize projects, and we hope that beside of future German volunteers in Uganda we also going to receive reports on the stories of Ugandan volunteers in Germany soon.

Every part of our network – whether as a volunteer, donor, sponsor of a student or through the Voice of new ideas and suggestions – is truly appreciated.Thank you for your interest in our organization!


New Partners - 02-18-17

After several meetings in Uganda, we agreed on partnership with the following organizations: Partner organizations

New Applicants! - 11-06-16

You can now send new apllications for our next generation of weltwaerts volunteers in 2017::Volunteer service

Newsletter - 09-06-16

We want to constantly inform our members and friends with a regular newsletter. You can check out old and new ones in our new section:Newsletter