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Inhaber: Vuga e.V.


Vuga mainly supports non-profit projects in Uganda, which serve the purpose of promoting education and development work.

People all over the world have ideas and develop concepts. But the implementation of their project ideas is often restricted by structural and financial circumstances. Vuga would like to support people, who have initiative and ideas. Anyone who is in contact with the society can submit an application for funding his or her project. The boards of directors then vote as to whether the financial support of the project is reasonable and, depending on the financial situation of the club, possible.

In general, we are convinced that it makes more rather sense to support local ideas and local projects to act from their own perspective than to try to implement foreign concepts. For this reason, it is important for Vuga to foster individual initiative. We want to build a wide network of motivated people, who want to contribute to their environment, and use the network to share resources and experiences. We see this as a main basis for the sustainability of projects .

Check it out by yourself: on our website you will find the project reports , the status of ongoing projects , and a final report on the success or failure of a project. So you always have an overview and we can work together with our project partners and donors to maintain sustainable and meaningful projects. Since the club was just founded and is still very young this list is very short, but we hope with time and with a lot of support and good work we will be able to put some more and more on the list!

If you want to realize your own project fill out the form for project application and send it to us per Mail.