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VR-Bank Altenburger Land eG /
Deutsche Skatbank

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Inhaber: Vuga e.V.

Image and Aims


As a volunteer association dedicated to the equal exchange between the global south and the global north, we position ourselves against any form of ascriptive inequality and take a stand against everyday racism. We believe that shared knowledge and awareness about mutual similarities, is the best way to reduce prejudice and discrimination.
We are a volunteer organization that is run by former and current volunteers. As such, continual involvement of volunteers is essential. Our association regularly monitors our self-image based on input from all volunteers, old and new.

To ensure a balance of opinion, a new volunteer must replace a position on the board of directors at least every two years. In addition, each current volunteer generation may have at least one seat in the board of assessors.


We believe that in the area of development, cooperation and trust plays a crucial role. To establish this trust, we are committed to a responsible and transparent working ethic, that is open to constructive forms of critic.
All information related to our organization’s work is accessible to any interested party.
We commit ourselves to establishing and maintaining a common communication forum where we will share our experiences, information and an overview of the all relevant project-related events planned for the future.
Access to the email account of the association is open to all active members.
All members are committed to an ongoing and transparent accounting of all expenditures.
If possible, we access existing resources from club members, rather than making new purchases. As a general principle applies to us the saving of as many costs as possible, for the purpose of effective transfer of funds to our partner projects.
We are committed to the principle of mutual accountability. This means that every member of the society has the right and duty to give attention to failures and necessary obligations.
There is an ongoing list of all costs, which can be checked by all members at any time. In addition, an annual report will be published on the homepage of the association for each year. We agree to complete comprehensible contracts on any substantive exchange between the association and its Partners. These contracts have to be accessible for all members of the association.

Content priorities

We are committed to an anti- racist point of view. For us, that means the honest and self-critical confrontation with globally and structurally manifested injustices.
We are committed to confront our future volunteers with issues of global dependencies, a critical perspective on the roles of power, racism, and the goals and aims of development politics.
We are committed to a critical confrontation with effects of colonization and postcolonial structures.
We are committed to the principle of non-interference. This means that decisions of our partners are accepted as such. Support is not tied to direct interference.
We are committed to represent our position confidently in all areas where we have responsibility trough commitment and to stand up for it. This includes the promotion of global diversity, where different opinions can be respected under the rule of humanity and justice for all people.

Public representation

We commit ourselves to avoiding the reproduction of racist images within the representation of our activities. This includes in particular the elimination of pictures which reproduce structures of existing or imagined dependence, f.e. images of white charity.
We are committed to a frequently representation of our activities.